Taking Government Action

Here is what we have sent to the Oregon Congressmen and women who voted on HB4145. The bill HB 4145 would secure the safety of domestic violence victims and prevent people who may be dangerous from easily accessing a deadly weapon. Please note – the two opening paragraphs differ depending on how the congressperson voted.

Voted Aye – We are fellow Oregonians writing to thank you for your stance on helping to end domestic violence by supporting HB4145. However, it is no secret that women and children are continuing to be abused, even murdered, in the safety of their own homes. Aren’t you tired, as am I, of the overall perception that your professional colleagues on both sides of the aisle are incompetent to govern? It is now the time and here is your chance to change the perception and make a real difference in curtailing and ultimately ending domestic violence. We would like to see you keep up the momentum to protect children from violence.

Voted Nay – We are fellow Oregonians trying to understand your stance on helping to end domestic violence since you voted No on passing HB4145. It is no secret that women and children are continuing to be abused, even murdered, in the safety of their own homes. It is now time. Here is a chance for you to make a real difference in curtailing and ultimately ending domestic violence. We want you to be part of the momentum to protect women and children from violence, which we know is your objective no matter how you voted on this bill.

STARR of A PLACE FOR STARR is my contribution to the ending the epidemic. It demonstrates my absolute commitment to the inalienable right to safety for women and children.

Illustrated book gives voice to children experiencing family violence

Author, Howard Schor, and artist, Mary Kilpatrick, have recently partnered with Amazon to launch the 3rd edition of their illustrated children’s book, A PLACE FOR STARR. Schor and Kilpatrick, both professional artists and dedicated human rights activists, created A Place For Starr in order to recognize and communicate about children who experience domestic violence. “Educating our children, be they victim, witness or young explorer of the truth, is Starr’s prime purpose.”

Starr’s bravery is an empowering and healing tool to inspire all of us to take action. Motivation for Starr came from Mary’s role as a children’s advocate at the Sanctuary For Families in New York City, and Saving Grace in Bend, Oregon. She approached her husband, Howard, who provided the story for Mary’s beautiful illustrations, and thus Starr was born.

Visit www.aplaceforstarr.com or for sale on Amazon.

Susan Sarandon, actor and domestic violence activist, voiced her support for A Place For Starr calling it: “A work of art! Vivid colors, energetic movement, and poetic beauty combine to create a wonderful book about a little girls whose mother finds the courage to leave her abuser.”

Readers of A Place For Starr have called it:
“An essential therapeutic tool for children who have experienced family violence.”
“A truthful, inspiring, compassionate, and comforting story.”
“A memorable story of hope.”

The book is told from seven year-old Starr’s point of view. She takes you on her harrowing journey into her world. The cycle of violence remains unbroken until her abused parent has the courage and support to get the family to safety. If you would like to learn more, please visit www.aplaceforstarr.com where you will also find a link to the book for sale on Amazon.

If a child can take action as Starr does in A Place For Starr, we implore you to continue to make a difference in ending domestic violence.

My request is this: In order for you and your staff to more deeply experience the process and the impact of the cycle of family violence, buy or download “A Place For Starr” from Amazon, visit our website www.aplaceforstarr.com, and read my blog post, specifically section III regarding witnessing domestic violence and taking action.

There are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, aunts, uncles, girlfriends, boyfriends, and families just like Starr’s that need your continued support. Put yourself in Starr’s shoes and please find a way to get her message out to your constituents and colleagues.

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