“A Place for Starr” was written to support and encourage all of us, who are victims or witnesses to child abuse, to take action.

Inspiration for this book comes from Mary Kilpatrick’s experience in working with children of abuse. Along with her husband, Howard Schor, they created this healing story to help children who experience family violence.

Howard Schor, Author

Howard Schor

Writer, Poet, Producer

Howard Schor was born in New York City. He and his wife, Mary Kilpatrick, moved to Bend, Oregon in 2002 and co-founded the highly successful non-profit children’s theater in Bend Oregon: BEAT.

An accomplished poet, Howard is also an essayist, screenwriter, and playwright. He is currently working on his autobiography “A Renaissance Fella” while developing an independent feature film “A Stone In The Water” with writer/director Dan Cohen which will be shot in Central Oregon.

Thoughts on creating A Place For Starr: “Mary’s work and deep understanding of children in shelters, along with her artistry, was my inspiration for Starr. The characters are a blend of children, co-workers and brave mothers who recover and find peace in their lives.

Mary Kilpatrick, Illustrator, Actor, Director

Mary Kilpatrick

Artist, Director, Actor

Mary Kilpatrick was introduced to Domestic Violence while working as a children’s advocate at Sanctuary For Families in New York City. She continued her work at Saving Grace in Bend, Oregon. Her journey with these special children inspired her and her husband to create a book for all families and workers to share.

It is so important to know you are not alone and can speak out the truth.” These powerful truths in Starr are meant to inspire others to share and have the courage to do what is necessary to be free.

Mary, an accomplished fine artist, has been a professional actor for over 45 years. She is the Co-Founder of BEAT. Mary is also currently working on other children’s books in the same style as Starr called, “The Untold Stories” touching on issues such as incarceration, mental illness, and death in the family.