What To Expect…

A Place for Starr cover of the book by Howard Schor and Mary Kilpatrick

We will be writing on a regular basis with the intent of achieving our mission: To educate, to network, to compel all to take action, and to communicate about known or suspected physical, sexual and psychological crimes committed by anyone or members of a household against children and their protectors.

We welcome collaboration, networking, projects, questions and your ideas in the furtherance of this mission.

We will have Starr as our symbol of what is possible when a child is freed from the daily horror of violence in their home. Those of you who have read “A Place For Starr” know the last illustration and words of this book are:

THE BEGINNING. Only when one’s spirit and body are free from imminent harm can he or she begin to be alive as opposed to merely exist.

We are interested in hearing from people of all ages, and interacting with the many organizations that have the same basic purpose. Please contact us starr@aplaceforstarr.com, follow us on Twitter @aplaceforstarr or like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APlaceForStarr