A Story of Hope!

The purpose of “A Place for Starr” is to support and encourage all of us, who are victims or witnesses to such behavior, to take action.

The book takes you on a journey that is all too prevalent. The cycle of violence in homes with abusers usually remains unbroken until the abused parent has the courage and support to get the family to safety.

The graphic yet sensitive portrayal of the suffering endured and the psychology of this cycle of violence that replays is followed by the courageous actions that any parent must undertake to become free.

There is hope, understanding, and help available.

Direct, yet gentle text and pictures help children know they are not alone.

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Get the children's book A Place for Starr at Amazon.com

a healing and empowering tool

The story of Starr was inspired by illustrator Mary Kilpatrick’s work as a children’s advocate at domestic violence shelters and organizations. Her goal, along with Starr author/husband, Howard, is for Starr to be a healing and empowering tool for children and families around the world who have, and are, experiencing family violence.

If you know someone who could benefit from Starr’s story, please let them know about the book. We can all take action to help end the epidemic of domestic violence.

Please take action. Save a life.


A Place for Starr was first published in 2002. It has sold over 10,000 copies in its first three printings.

Starr has previously been primarily read in school, institutions and shelters around the country.

Howard and Mary were inspired to partner with Amazon to reach a wider audience. They feel all people, especially young ones and teens, need to be aware of this continuing crisis that often remains hidden.