Who Are We and What Do We Stand For?

Mary was working as a children’s specialist with the New York Based organization, Sanctuary For Families, a non-profit shelter for children and mothers fleeing from their abuser. Our publisher at the time marketed to institutions assisting DV victims. We sold over 10,000 copies. That’s tens of thousands of adults and children having read about Domestic Violence from the point of view of a brave seven-year-old girl.

Currently Mary and I live in Bend, Oregon where Mary worked at a domestic violence shelter, Saving Grace. In 2006, we cofounded a non-profit children’s theater BEAT, which is still very successful. With all the work we were doing, further publication efforts for Starr were put on hold, but were always in our hearts. With this new effort, we felt it was time to release Starr to the public at large and resume our commitment to empower women to have the courage to take actions to better their situation and have a chance for a highly successful life for themselves and their children.

Seeing the inspiring accomplishments over the years in ending DV and what still remains to be done to eradicate it, we were compelled to once again make a definitive contribution. We reenergized our enterprise, and in Spring 2017, we signed agreements and partnered with Amazon, Create Space and Kindle Direct. We have brought on board the gifted writer and filmmaker Persephone Vandegrift to help with marketing and social media. We built a website www.aplaceforstarr.com, and created both a Facebook page and Twitter handle.

We would like to announce the launch of our 3rd edition of A Place For Starr.

We invite you to purchase or down the book, via Amazon and get behind Starr as she shows you the impact of domestic violence on families with children. We ask you to share her story with those around you. Be brave and have those difficult conversations with your children. Learn, educate, enlighten, and empower yourselves and each other in helping children like Starr eradicate domestic violence. This book is to be read and discussed with children. Parents, teachers, guardians; you choose the age to begin explaining this crisis. Teens; you choose the age to take action.